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Cooloo Pods Instant Cocktails

Cooloo Pods Instant Cocktails

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Brace yourself for a cocktail revolution the world has never seen before--unveiling the groundbreaking Cooloo Cocktail Pods!

Crafting a perfect cocktail has never been easier. With Cooloo Cocktail Pods, you can indulge in an instant cocktail experience, anywhere, anytime.

Simply pour the concentrated cocktail pod over ice, add water or seltzer in a 1:1 ratio, give it a stir, garnish to your liking, and voila - your sumptuous cocktail is ready.

Our debut collection includes three exquisite flavors, each containing 20% alcohol for that perfect kick:

Cosmo: A captivating blend of tart cranberry, zesty lime, and smooth vodka, harmoniously fused to create a burst of bold fruitiness.

Strawberry Daiquiri: A vibrant medley of juicy strawberries and tangy lime, seamlessly blended with premium rum for a sweet, summery burst of flavor.

Mai Tai: A lively fusion of citrus and grenadine, cascading over robust waves of rum, crafting a tropical adventure in every spirited sip.

Experience the cocktail revolution with Cooloo Cocktail Pods: unmatched convenience meets exceptional flavor, transforming every occasion into a memorable celebration.

Makes 6 x 200 mL cocktails:

2x Cosmo Pods
2x Strawberry Daiquiri Pods
2x Mai Tai Pods

ABV / PROOF: 20% / 40

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