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Gin & Tonic Frozen Cocktail

Gin & Tonic Frozen Cocktail

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Introducing our distinguished Gin & Tonic Frozen Cocktails – a timeless symphony of elegance and refinement that captivates the discerning palate. Immerse yourself in the sophisticated world of this classic concoction, reimagined as a frosty delight for the true connoisseur.

Experience the exquisite harmony of fragrant gin and subtly bitter tonic, masterfully married with a splash of refreshing lime. Each sip unveils the crisp, unrivaled flavor that embodies the essence of finesse, setting a new standard for Cooloo's collection.

Exalt your entertaining with our Gin & Tonic Frozen Cocktails – a sublime fusion of tradition and innovation that brings an air of graceful distinction to any occasion. Indulge in the allure of this impeccable creation and let the magic of its legacy charm you and your guests.

5% ALC

115 Calories per pop

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