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Margarita Bundle

Margarita Bundle

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Introducing our Margarita Variety Pack – a dazzling collection of refreshingly slushy delights tailored to add a spark to your gatherings and quiet evenings alike.

Each 50ml icy pop in our variety pack promises a scintillating flavor explosion that's a tribute to the timeless charm of margaritas. With only 55 calories per pop, you can now indulge guilt-free while embracing a healthier, flavorful lifestyle.

This extraordinary collection features 12 enticing Margarita ices including:

  • 3x Classic Margarita: Experience the perfect balance of tart, sweet, and refreshing that's at the heart of this beloved cocktail.
  • 3x Strawberry Margarita: Dive into a sea of strawberries, where sweet meets sour in a sensational dance of flavors.
  • 3x Mango Margarita: Surrender to the exotic allure of mangoes, delivering a tropical twist to your margarita experience.
  • 3x Passion Fruit Guava Margarita: Embark on an exciting journey with the tropical infusion of passion fruit and guava, a unique twist that will transport you to a sunny beach paradise.

Purchase the bundle of three canisters and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on us.

12x 50mL refreshing Margarita ices including:

3x Classic Margarita
3x Strawberry Margarita
3x Mango Margarita
3x Passion Fruit Guava Margarita


55 Calories per pop

No artificial flavoring or coloring

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