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Paloma Frozen Cocktail

Paloma Frozen Cocktail

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A vibrant fusion of invigorating flavors that awaken your senses and breathe life into your celebrations. Delight in the refreshing allure of ruby-red grapefruit, masterfully combined with a burst of zesty lime, artfully swirling together in a tequila-style alcoholic cocktail pop.

Revel in the regal charm of this frozen queen, as its exhilarating taste enchants your palate and fills your heart with a vivacious energy. The Paloma Frozen Cocktail is an irresistible symphony of flavors, destined to become the crown jewel of your gatherings.

Raise a toast to spirited merriment with our Paloma Frozen Cocktails – a magnificent expression of effervescent joy and boundless zest for life.

5% ALC

115 Calories per pop

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