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Party-Ready Bundle

Party-Ready Bundle

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Embrace the excitement of our Party-Ready Bundle of Frozen Cocktails – a mesmerizing selection crafted to transform your gatherings and ignite unforgettable moments! Unleash a world of frosty delight as you indulge in each masterfully mixed cocktail that tantalizes your senses.

This phenomenal bundle showcases a spectacular array of frozen cocktails: Cosmo, Gin & Tonic, Paloma, Mai Tai, and Piña Colada. Revel in the diverse symphony of flavors, each a testament to the artistry and passion of Cooloo's creative mixologists.

Delight in the unmatched value of our Party-Ready Bundle, offering you five delectable packs for the price of four – the ultimate accompaniment to any festive occasion. Share the wonder with friends and family, as you journey through an unparalleled taste experience that knows no limits.

Elevate your celebrations with our Party-Ready Bundle of Frozen Cocktails – a spellbinding harmony of taste and value that sets the stage for unforgettable revelry.

The Party-Ready Bundle Includes:

Piña Colada- 12x 100mL

Cosmo - 12x 100mL 

Gin & Tonic - 12x 100mL 

Paloma - 12x 100mL 

Mai Tai - 12x 100mL 

115 Calories Per Pop

5% ALC/ 10 Proof

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