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Pina Colada Frozen Cocktail

Pina Colada Frozen Cocktail

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An exquisite fusion of tropical delights that transport you to a serene, sun-kissed haven. Bask in the rapture of smooth, creamy coconut and fragrant, ripe pineapple, expertly blended with rum to create a bewitching alcoholic cocktail you'll long for time and time again.

Allow the enchanting flavors of this frosty masterpiece to sweep you away to a dreamy island paradise, where warm sand and balmy breezes embrace your soul. Our Piña Colada Frozen Cocktails capture the essence of pure, carefree indulgence, inviting you to surrender to their irresistible charm.

Embrace the rhythm of the tropics with our Piña Colada Frozen Cocktails – a captivating dance of flavors that celebrates the vibrant spirit of life.

5% ALC

115 Calories

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