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Summer Combo Pack Frozen Cocktail

Summer Combo Pack Frozen Cocktail

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A luscious, tantalizing escape from the ordinary! Our frosty cocktails whisk you away to an oasis of icy pleasure with their velvety, sorbet-like texture that glides effortlessly across your tongue. The moment you grab one of these portable delights, you'll find yourself immersed in a blissful, sun-kissed paradise. Dive into the Cooloo experience and let the unmatched, heavenly flavors of our unique frozen cocktails seduce your senses and reignite your passion for summer's most divine moments. Savor the essence of summer fun with every lick!

12 x 100ml

Variety pack of 12 refreshing cocktail ices

3x Strawberry Daiquiri Pops
3x Paradise Island Pops
3x Mojito Pops
3x Happy Bay Twist Pops

ABV / PROOF: 5% / 10

115 Calories per pop

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