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Variety Pack Frozen Cocktail

Variety Pack Frozen Cocktail

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Discover a vibrant fusion of flavors with our Frozen Cocktails Variety Pack – your passport to an extraordinary sun-drenched festivity! Experience the silky, sorbet-like texture of these icy gems, each a tantalizing taste sensation that enchants the senses.

Featuring four distinct and beloved cocktail ices, this Variety Pack promises a thrilling journey through a kaleidoscope of flavors. Share the excitement with friends and loved ones as you toast to unforgettable moments.

Elevate your sunlit gatherings with a burst of frosty indulgence, and let the Frozen Cocktails Variety Pack become your new secret to sizzling soirées!

12 x 100 ml

Variety pack of 12 refreshing cocktail ices

3x Pina Colada 
3x Mai Tai 
3x Paloma 
3x Gin & Tonic

ABV / PROOF: 5% / 10

115 Calories per pop 

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